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In general, Medium Frequency (the inverter) allows:
- Welding quality (changes parameters every 2ms instead of every 40ms as in monophase)
- No disturbances in the network (e.g if you have photovoltaic panels)
- Clean design, no valves or flying cables - all pneumatics located in a protected area with Lexan door
- Increased safety with dedicated safety PLC in the Panel.
- Colour touch 7’’
- Operator/Programmer level with card login
- Reacts automatically to different conditions
- Reporting (graphs, exportable point characteristics with lot number and operator..)
- Connection to the web - to robots - to nut loaders
- 100% FESTO
- Differentiated Upper/Lower cylinder pressure
o Low force approach for aesthetics
o 100% flow rate available during process that means perfect following of the material
- OPTION: proportional valves with max end scale variability +/- 2% that means precision and repeatability
- Flexion 50% of the competition

o Inverter module MF-RWC-4000.
o HMI-724CG1 with 7” colour display and touch screen.
o USB interface for upgrade and data collecting.
o Ethernet interface for machine programming.
o NFC user login and authentication.
o Ready for fieldbus interface for PLC connection.
o Compressed air filter and automatic disconnection device.
o Flow and temperature meter for cooling water capable to stop welding with poor cooling.
o Valve to stop cooling when machine is off or emergency button is pressed.
o Double-stroke with enable electric key.
o Pneumatic cylinder single stage F=470daN @ 6Bar with chrome plated stem.
o Fully water-cooled transformer, electrode holders, electrodes and plates.
o 2-stage electric foot control.
o 2-hand safety control with pedestal.

-Welding machine with medium frequency technology, designed to satisfy a wide range of welding applications, both spot and
projection, allowing to achieve a high quality of the welding points.

- Reduced welding current rise time, time adjustment in ms, symmetrical load on the machine power line.

-Heavy duty chrome plated steel rod cylinder for long life. Adjustable anti-rotation device. All pneumatic components used do not
require lubrication.

- Double adjustable stroke as option.

- Filter group with sectioning of compressed air connected to the emergency control.

- Liquid-cooled secondary circuit and transformer, hydraulic circuit isolation valve connected to the emergency control. Flow meter
and cooling water temperature measure device.

- Two-stage electric pedal which allows the pieces to be clamped in position by means of the intermediate stage and proceed with
welding only by activating the second stage, after verifying the correct positioning of the pieces.

- Possibility of connecting a second electric pedal to weld using a different welding program.

- Two-hand control with simultaneous control for maximum safety and removable key selector for selecting the control device.

- Welding control and commands for the control of the spot welder installed on a suspended arm for maximum ergonomics of
use of the spot welder.

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