Luftbälg bak Arnott A-2726 Mercedes E-Class 03-09

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30. april 2022

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Arnott now offers a newly redesigned Mercedes-Benz air spring for the rear of the E-Class Wagon (489 code). This new Mercedes rear air spring features a 4-ply Continental ContiTech bladder, high-strength crimping rings, and a custom-designed tapered piston for a comfortable ride. This aftermarket air spring was engineered and assembled in the USA.

For Mercedes wagons with Rear Air Suspension only. Mercedes wagons with Front & Rear Air Suspension require Arnott Part A-2724)
NOTE: If replacing an OE unit with a Arnott Air Spring A-2726, you MUST replace both rear air springs at the same time.

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Original Equipment # 2113200925, 211320092505, 211320092580

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