Dn Solutions PUMA VAW6000-ACC


The PUMA VAW 6000 is a double turret vertical turning center designed for high performance machining of aluminum wheels.

Double turrets have been applied to the PUMA VAW 6000 to enable simultaneous machining of inner and outer wheel diameters to optimize productivity. The wide machining area accommodates turning of wheel sizes up to 24 inches, and the inclined bed structure provides optimum chip removal.

By applying angled turrets on the VAW6000, it is possible to handle large size wheels whilst minimizing tool interference. In addition, the angled position improves operator convenience when changing tool tips.

The PUMA VAW6000 is equipped with an automatic chuck changer (AAC), which provides optimum productivity by allowing load/unload of wheels during the machining cycle. In addition, the AAC allows op10 and op20 to be processes consecutively, thereby completing the machining process on one machine.

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