Introduction to oil & gas

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The purpose of this course is to give an introduction to common process equipment and operations related to typical Drilling and Oil & Gas production processes. The introduction gives an overview of the process from reservoir to export, and an understanding about why and how produced fluids are processed.  

Course Content Drilling:
  • Geology
  • Drilling Process
  • Organizational Structure
  • Rig types
  • Intro to drilling equipment and rig main systems
  • Commonly known incidents
  • Simulator visit
Oil & Gas production:
  • Operating wells
  • Oil separation process
  • Produced water treatment
  • Water injection
  • Gas processing
  • Liftgas injection
  • Prevent & Controlling H2S
  • Chemicals offshore
  • Specifications
Who should take this course? People who need an introduction to Drilling and Oil & Gas production, example: employees with limited background from Oil & Gas business, service companies, vendors and salesmen proving equipment and service for Oil & Gas business and staff working in on-shore support functions.

Course Objectives After completing the course, the participant should have fundamental knowledge about:
  • Describe the importance of geology in oil & gas industry
  • Distinguish between the different types of rocks
  • Define the rock porosity and permeability
  • Describe the overview of the drilling process
  • Recognize the different rig types and unique design
  • Identify the purpose and application for the different rig types
  • Give examples of the different parties involved in drilling a well
  • Outline the organisational structure onshore and offshore
  • Name the five main systems of the rigs and describe its purpose
  • Give example of the main components of each system
  • Highlight the importance of well control
  • Wells and wellhead systems
  • Different production systems via manifolds and flow lines
  • Separator process and HC behaviour
  • Produced water treatment
  • Gas compression including separating liquids from incoming gas
  • Produced gas conditioning and treatment
  • Specifications for oil, produced water and gas export
  • Sea water filtration, de-aeration and water injection
  • Common specifications
Assessment After each module a short test will be done to ensure key learning points are captured.

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