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På Building Green Forum den 31 oktober/1 november introduceres solceller I glas. Tyndfilmsteknologien gør det klart at se gennem glasset selv ved 40%, 60% - ja endog, når 80% af glasset indeholder solceller.

Solceller lameneret i glas gør det mulig at producere støm til bygningen gennem glas partier og facader. Istedet for traditionel glas, så kan glas med solcelle nu producere strøm de næste 30år. Derved får du dine omkostningen ved glaspartiet dækket og tjener penge på en energiløsning. Modulerne fås i størrelserne 600, 1200mm i bredden og 600, 1200 og 1800mm i højden. De monteres i dertilhørende aluminiumsprofiler fra SAPA, hvilket er en effektiv montage og der er plads til kablerne. En sidegevinst ved solceller i glasset er at det samtidigt nedbringe omkostningerne til ventillation, gennem den mindre lysmængden og mindre rumopvarmning.



Claus kousgasrd
Hello is claus kousgaard company allrund world interprise cvr 27104594 i have got a metro tunnel drill assignment of 4 km in new youk and then 12 km in bankok i have purchased ordered a tunnel drill that is now in new youk port and negotiated me for the first installment scale happening in rate 3 just over a year inside the drilling rate 1 of just over 4 million I receive when we ask with the drill 1/4 at the drilling site my company is largely started and was made on the upgrading of friends in the usa who promised to be able to get me drill tasks what they have now fulfilled or were I on pention halfway inside the 12 km in bankok is the machine at 350,000,000 paid in 6 years my trial is ready for travel costs and accommodation for me and eight other Danes I have to co-manage the task machine and the staff on deck are hired on site therefore i would really like 300.000 dk kr for the travel objects and will be happy i got them half a year so i sure i have econ omi to meet again ps my future economy is going to be administered by the one who now chooses to help me get started here it must be reasonable i have been lucky to know some real people with the necessary influence but that luck will give me a dream economy just the machine in 6 years will be selling for over 200.000.000 kr in addition to what my really good konyrakt on the drilling rig this is a winner it will all well be able to see it a foolproof task with the people i have hired with the best thing on it kind of tasks from denmark we can but thank you for your and hopeful goodwill and really good day hope soon to hear news from i ps that has been applied in several places before they have to house will hate to borrow from my father who is otherwise extremely well-respected then it After all, his honor I don't want to smile

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