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TRIMIT has drastically simplified and improved DEDON’s item configurations

With production facilities in the Philippines that produce furniture from fibers produced in Germany, DEDON has a complex supply chain. Using Microsoft Dynamics Navision as their ERP system, they were in search of an industry-specific solution that could enhance Microsoft’s capabilities by handling customizations, while remaining scalable and future proof. In March 2023, DEDON went live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and TRIMIT’s Furniture & Interior solution in Germany.

All around the world, you can discover unique atmospheres at hotels and restaurants that DEDON has helped create with their luxury furniture. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they played a pivotal role in pioneering woven outdoor furniture. Evolving and growing, they eventually needed to improve their management systems.

“In 2017, we successfully implemented Microsoft Business Central as our new ERP system. However, we still encountered issues related to inventory audit and demand planning. Our solution ended up with numerous customizations tailored to our requirements, but it fell short in addressing the specifics of the furniture industry and lacked scalability and future-proofing,” CIO in DEDON, Vladimir Popov says.

Extraordinary cooperation with TRIMIT

Therefore, Vladimir and his team went searching for a configuration solution that could seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Business Central and its capabilities in the furniture industry. It did not take him long to find TRIMIT:

“With a simple online search, we found TRIMIT and arranged a meeting, where we presented our specific requirements and current challenges. TRIMIT had some really great ideas on how to tailor something for us that suits our company and production processes really well but still works seamlessly with the ERP system implemented. What we appreciated most about their solution, was that our concerns were already addressed in their standard software,” Vladimir Popov says.

Along with a dedicated team from DEDON, TRIMIT’s Furniture and Interior solution was implemented.

Improving configuration

After the implementation, it quickly became evident that choosing TRIMIT was a wise decision   in resolving configuration challenges:

“Choosing TRIMIT has significantly streamlined our treatment of product and item data in terms of variations in item configurations. With a diverse range of furniture available in different colors and fabric options, tracking these details was really time consuming before TRIMIT. Another maJor difference is the simplification of our order entry process compared to the past. Regardless of whether orders come from our client service team or directly from customers, the process is much smoother now," Vladimir explains.

Increasing transparency

With a complex supply chain, DEDON faced a lot of challenges during COVID. Hopefully, it will be long before the world has to go through another pandemic. Should it happen anyway, DEDON now feels much more prepared and confident in terms of communication and planning thanks to the TRIMIT solution:

"TRIMIT has added substantial value to our shipping, date scheduling, and order commitments through improved communication with customers. We can now provide much more accurate and faster communication of possible delivery dates. Our supply chain remains complex but TRIMIT's solution allows us to be more transparent with our customers. This enhanced transparency builds trust among customers and further bolsters our already strong brand," Vladimir Popov  emphasizes.

Vladimir Popov and the rest of DEDON are so thrilled with TRIMIT’s solution that they have decided to implement the system in the United States as well. 

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