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With their smart designs for small spaces Hettich makes living in small spaces more than enjoyable.

The smaller the kitchen the more flexible the furniture needs to be. Hettich proves how comfortable thoughtfully designed kitchens on minimal spaces can be while also being affordable. Through intelligent space management and movable furniture elements each square meter can be used for various purposes. With the sliding door fitting Topline XL for example you can attach small drawers for various utensils directly onto the wall furniture. This way it can be used for homeoffice, breakfast or dinner flexibly. Furniture that takes the form of stairs can be combined with drawers to create the ultimate storage space solution. On the front side an oven withwarming drawer was integrated complementing the kitchens functionality. The compact kitchen seems bigger than it really is. This is achieved by the thoroughly homogenic design with big covers and fronts without handles. The sliding doors with the fitting SlideLine M allow an easy change between open and closed contents, for example through a slidable spice rack which contains a storage space behind it. As a folding sliding door fitting WingLine L creates both spacesaving and wide opening of the front.


Indrykket af
Hettich Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH

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