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Recab: Ny ”Soil Moisture” dataloggere

13. maj 2022

Spar på vandet, større udbytte af afgrøder, reducer skadelig afstrømning, beskyt økosystemerne og hjælp med at skabe en mere bæredygtig verden med...

Programmable keyboards for industrial use – IP 65

9. maj 2022

Protected against dust and splash water, with various integrated mouse functions and, if required, even shielded. Protection class IP 65. Regardless of whether for industrial, public or military applications, whether on land, water or in the air.

Recab: Build your own industrial WiFi device

2. maj 2022

Meets the industrial requirements of applications such as onboard computers, CCTV, medical equipment, mining equipment, military DCE, explosion proof device...

Reliable Stainless Steel Panel PC Solutions

29. april 2022

The ViTAM series comes in panel PCs & industrial monitors with all-around features, the Panel PCs are ready for ARM based or X86, its IP66 & IP69K-certified with M12 connectors & based platform which deliver four computing performance levels.

Welcome – Visit Recab at: Evertiq Expo May the 4:th

27. april 2022

Welcome to our stand & discuss solutions at the Evertiq Expo in Malmö. In the Recab stand you will find hardware & software solutions as our Engineering team have developed & Solution from our partners

AirXroad/4P: All-in-one: AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router

26. april 2022

Recab presents AirXroad/4P an 11n WiFi access point, Ethernet bridge, repeater & MESH point for automotive & heavy duty applications. AirXroad/4P is E-marked ECE R10* and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.

VBOX-3131 an ultra-compact size fanless In-Vehicle Computer

22. april 2022

VBOX-3131 utilizes Intel ATOM Braswell N3060 Dual Core CPU up to 2.48GHz. VBOX-3131 feature an ultra-compact design measuring 150 x 135 x 55.3mm, which can easily fit into restricted spaces - with 5G connectivity

10 examples Computer-on Modules by Congatec

21. april 2022

What are Computer-on-Modules, it's a small circuit boards that are plugged into a standard connector on an application-specific carrier board and contain the processor with all of its vital peripherals. Have a view of our examples & guidance.

12 Videos Industrial Machine Vision & Fixed scanner

13. april 2022

How to use - Examples: Machine vision & fixed industrial scanning systems must be so simple to use that every worker can operate them, regardless of tech savviness. See our video examples for a Flawless Automation

Recab Catalog – Developed products & solutions

5. april 2022

By acknowledging the value of quality technology while working within cost, time and life cycle constraints, our engineers do what is necessary for each individual application to tailor the right solution for our customers.

Recab: 1553 & ARINC Technology Through Innovation & Quality

25. marts 2022

For the past 15 years, Alta Data Technologies (Alta) has grown to be a leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 & ARINC connectivity products. Alta’s products are integrated into end-use avionics systems for both commercial & defense programs.

Keeping Operational Technology safe from cyber attack

15. marts 2022

Critical new cyber security threats to their Operational Technology (OT) systems - Let us guide you

Hirschmann: GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet switches

11. marts 2022

The 105/106 devices serve as multipurpose aggregation layer switches – with its IT form factor, coupled with OT environmental robustness, the GREYHOUND helps you to bridge the gap between your office and your industrial networks.

Are you looking for better delivery time..?

9. marts 2022

Recab always tries to optimize delivery security. We have especially good options in Embedded Computers & Boards - Panel PC - Box PC.

Neousys: Nuvo-8111 A Cost-effective AI Platform

8. marts 2022

A box-PC who offering tremendous GPU power up to 20 TFLOPS in FP32 for emerging GPU-accelerated applications, they boost the performance and efficiency of factory automation, image recognition, product inspection, pick and place robots, etc.

Recab: High Tech solutions for harsh environments

7. marts 2022

By acknowledging the value of quality technology while working within cost, time and life cycle constraints, our engineers do what is necessary for each individual application to tailor the right solution for the customer.

Recab: Calculate Your Time & Cost Savings - Try our tool!

3. marts 2022

Calculate Your Time & Cost Savings with the ZebraFixed Industrial Scanners - Improve efficiencies, reduce scrap and increase profits with Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners.

A 100 Gigabit Ethernet capable Compute 3U VPX Plug in Card

2. marts 2022

Developed for the growing need for high compute capability PICs that are aligned to the SOSA™ Technical Standard & that enable simple & effective technology transitions for next generation sensor-based systems in defense & aerospace applications

Recab - Sintrones: Edge AI GPU Computing

28. februar 2022

Edge computing is the technology of making computation & data storage more accessible to users. It runs on local devices such as a computer, an Internet of Things (IoT) device, or a dedicated edge server.

Track & Trace – Barcode Validation, Fixed Industrial Scanner

23. februar 2022

Easily integrate high quality scanning into your network! Improve efficiencies, reduce scrap & increase profits in Warehouse Management, & in Manufacturing with Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners FS20 - Used for track & trace & Barcode Validation

Fixed High Quality Industrial Scanner Zebra FS10

16. februar 2022

Plug-and-play high quality scanning wherever you need it - Easily track and trace items as they move through the warehouse and distribution center. This compact device easily fits wherever you need high quality industrial scanning

Recab & Mercury invite you to webinar - Sign up

11. februar 2022

Solving High-Bandwidth Data Transfer and Memory Access in Data Converter Systems - We discuss using technologies like high-bandwidth memory, high-bit-rate optical interfaces and gigabit serial protocols.

Software for Machine Vision Engineers – Try free version

1. februar 2022

Adaptive Vision Studio 5.1: A data-flow based software designed for machine vision engineers. It does not require programming skills, but it is still so powerful that it has been used in many of the most demanding vision systems.

Winmate: L140 Series Rugged Laptop - For Challenging Work

28. januar 2022

Recab: Winmate Rugged Laptop is an innovative solution designed to help the challenging work of the public sector like - Police, Fire brigades, and Rescue Services, but also other sectors where other technology often fails.

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